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Philippe's performances blend circus, theatre and dance to connect with audiences over a variety of topics.


Lulu is an 45 minute contemporary circus piece created and performed by Philippe. It tells the story of a troubled individual desperately searching for the solution to all of his problems - "Lulu". The varied piece includes mime, object manipulation, acrobatics, and dance - as well as strong use of dark humour.

Ah Bah Bravo!

Ah Bah Bravo (french for “well done then!”) Is an interactive, funny and light-hearted contemporary circus show, ideal for family audiences. Created and interpreted by Philippe Ducasse, the length of the piece is flexible between 20 and 45 minuntes, and is designed to be presented on the street and open air stages.

and other pieces

Philippe has created several shorter performances, many between 5-15 minutes. These include "Stone", which explores physicality, dramaturgy and dance through manipulation of the contact staff. Philippe also regularly performs a wide range of mime, clown, and fire-spinning pieces.



Philippe teaches regular and one-off classes and workshops in Berlin and throughout Europe. He teaches stage presence and physical theatre at different levels. This involves introducing students to the basic tools needed to create captivating performances, such as crescendo, energy levels and musicality, as well as other concepts such as the neutral body, rises and falls and more. Philippe also teaches circus and physical theatre techniques to children. 

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